Outtakes – Wine growing unplugged

SEBASTIAN “Strongly rooted and a little crazy”, actually defines our family and our attitude perfectly.
It’s how we grew up. Our roots have always shaped us. Under the loving auspices of our grandparents, uncles and aunts. It has been a joint effort. There is a togetherness about us. The fun and the joy in what we do has always been tangible.

TOBIAS Being a visionary, trailblazer and having lots of courage has sometimes been laughed at. So, yes, we are also a little crazy. In the end, this “courage”has always paid off. So now I am allowed to work with heirloom grape varieties. Had it not been for our visionary and trailblazing edge this would not be possible today.

SEBASTIAN Also in sales and marketing I can still take a lot with me. It has always been clear to us that brand building can only work with maintaining high quality consistently. A good example of our brand development, is our restaurant the “Herztröpferl”, which still exists successfully today. It too, was ahead of its time.

TOBIAS Cultivating traditions, knowing the roots and still being open for new things. This works great for us.

SEBASTIAN Remember the Madini. The laughable idea of filling a wine bottle with a wine cocktail became a sensationally successful product. We were always supported and were fortunate to be able to draw on the experience of the whole family.

TOBIAS Whenever support is needed – no matter by whom or where – everyone always makes themselves available. Whether at peak times during the harvest, at large events or with collective decisions. With enough scoffing and the necessary seriousness, we succeed, always – as a family.

SEBASTIAN The nice thing is that we are continuing the family tradition and yet we are still allowed to live our ideas. Even better is that the big parameters have not changed at all. Unconditional quality awareness and honesty, consideration for the origin and a sense of solidarity with the homeland have been the basis of our work for generations.

TOBIAS Yes, and that is exactly what we continue to do.

SEBASTIAN I would like to pass everything on to Frederick with the same ease and support and above all as successfully as when we took over the winery.

TOBIAS Right. And the next generation should also then say: YES. “We are deeply rooted and a little bit crazy”.

Lieblingswein Sebastian Siess - St. Laurent Ried Zeissl
Lieblingswein Tobias Siess - Blaufränkisch Ried Marienthal